future expeditions


We are planning several new expeditions. The first expedition is planned for Mozambique. I took this photo in 2007 when I visited this pair of healers near Vilanculos. We will travel in the central area of Mozambique. One of the highlights will be a visit to the Ilha dos Curandeiros, or Island of Healers, situated in a river mouth south of Beira. Altogether we plan to visit four different ethnic groups and film with the healers there.

curandeiros near Vilanculos

Also, a trip to Tanzania is in the planning. We will first go to the Pare mountains, east of Kilimanjaro, where nature is beautiful and few people visit. In this remote mountain area, and in the Usambara mountains east of them we will work with local healers. After that we will visit several other areas where we have contacts with healers.

Pare Mountains, Tanzania