Watch the films

Eleven short films can now be viewed on our Youtube Channel. More will follow. Click photo to play.

the San Bushmen: healing trance dance

the Venda: rain fertility ceremony

the Zulu: call to the ancestors

the Tswana: herbalist and initiation

the Sotho: holy cave ceremony

the Tsonga: tree celebration

the Lala:spirit hospital possession dance

the Pedi: dr. Matsutha's cure

the Kaonde: impotence cure

Zambia: a river cleansing ceremony

Dr. Luchele Taming Wild Spirits

Prince Lukanga, Royal Healer

photo courtesy: the San by Jeffry Barbee, Spirit Hospital by Vera van der Waal, River Cleansing by Caspar Schols, Pedi by Lex Harding, all others Ton van der Lee